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Oh, my lover
Did you know our love is nothing but lust?
That even if you pour me your heart in a glass
I will never want it
It is simply that sun kissed skin I need
And your flesh against mine
Oh, my lover
Did you know that our love is nothing but lust?
When  you caress me it is only my body that shivers
Not my heart
So boy do not love me with your heart
Your heart is useless to me
Oh, my lover
Did you know that our love is nothing but lust?
So don't cry when I no longer
Want to be caressed by that sun kissed hand
I saw a man that I wanted
But lover, those tears make you turn into a mere boy
Oh, lover
Did you know that our love is nothing but dust?
Simply a mirage in the dessert
Never even there in the first place
And in a second
Gone with the wind
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 1 0
Diary: Writing your heart out
I write a lot.
I write stories, poems and sometimes songs.
From time to time I write my heart out.
I write down my sadness when I can no longer handle it.
I want to cry and let it out.
But the tears I want to cry never comes.
I guess that I learned to smile, no matter what the situation.
And now I think I might have forgotten how to really cry my heart out.
It hurts, I'm sad and lonely.
But the tears won't just fucking come.
Except for when you push me up in a corner.
The only time I really want to be strong
to stand up for myself.
The tears come and I can't say anything.
So I quietly take everything.
I want to hate you, but I can't even do that.
I want to scream at you!
That this is MY life.
And that I want to make my own choices.
But I can't...
and I hate myself for not being able to be who I am in front of you.
And I realize that you don't know me.
You don't know me at all.
I feel like a stranger in my own home, and I'm so very lonely.
But as soon as I leave my home I suddenly am no
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 0
Written in stone
My world seems to be..
Like a cage
All around me
But sometimes I forget this "cage" of mine
And God, does it feel good
To think I am finally free
And just as I think I might
be able to
spread my wings
YOU always remind me
that my cage is still wrapped around me...
And it hurts so bad
When you take away
The freedom
That I never even had
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 3
Far away
Althought I embrace you this way
Hold you
Touch you
How come you seem so far away
I want you to look at me, and only ME
But I see the insincerity in your eyes
Where are you?
Where is your heart
Althought you are right here by my side
You're out of my reach
It's painful
It's cold
Answer me
Why is my body, my heart, my skin
Like this?
We melt into one, we embrace each other
Why are you still so far away?
It's Painful
It's cold
I love you so much
I can't even look att you, or see your face
I love you
I love you
I love you
And i hate you
Then why?
Are you close but still far away
I already know
It's painful
But you don't hear me no more
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 0
There is a Hell
Believe me, I've seen it
The flames and screams
Is now forever carved in my memory
The lustful sinners
Which I was afraid, but tempted by
So believe me when I say
There is a Hell
And then you may ask
"What about Heaven?"
There is a Heaven
But let's keep that one a secret
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 0
Our beautiful bird
Ever since the first day, the day we met
We said we would protect her, we had the whole thing set
Because we were the only ones, to shield her from being blacken
From the worlds dirt and evil, but how could we know what would happen?
Like a beautiful bird, locked up in it's cage
Sitting there quietly, writing songs page after page
We always believed that by doing so, we were giving her the very best
What more could she wish for? A quiet life in her own little nest
It was what we had always wanted, a life without all the dirt and pain
But little did we know, that our bird longed for to be free from her invisible chain
So she spread her beautiful wings, and broke free from her "prison"
Was it our fault? And was it really okay to make her decision?
How could our love for her so pure, make our beautiful bird seek the dangers of the world
She left our open arms and her nest, in which she had always lay curled
And soared through the sky and singing her songs, such a lovely sound
World full o
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 0
Guns and Roses
My life started in the streets. I don't remember how I ended up there or when. Neither do I want to know. There were many others just like me, children of the street. No home, no parents and no one who cared. We grew up taking care of ourselves. Stealing, fighting, killing... Surviving was for the fittest, eye for an eye. It was the law of the jungle and we fought like animals. Drugs, abuse, assault, murder, backstabbing. Your best friend today could kill you tomorrow. Having lots of comrades was an insurance, having friends was a death sentence. It was a cruel world, but it was the world we lived in.  
Some of us grew older, although most of us never got that far. Being smart was just as important as being strong, a combination of both was the best. The guys became gangsters and the girls whores, and me? Something in between I guess...
I played it easy, made connections, tried to not get to many enemies and saved up money. Money was always the most important. Life got a lot
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 0
Santa by NonVestriDomito Santa :iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 5
Pretty girl, Pretty smile, Ugly soul
If you look att me
You'll see a pretty girl
If you look at my face
You'll see a pretty smile
If you look me in the eyes
You'll see the depth that they possess
If you touch me
You'll feel my soft skin
If you want me
Boy, you'll have to steal my heary first
If you pull up my shirt
You'll see the bruises
If you knew me
You would know that I'm not just a pretty girl, with a pretty face
If you tried to love me
Would you really want me or just the pretty girl
If you saw my soul
Would it scare you
:iconnonvestridomito:NonVestriDomito 0 2
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